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Human Design Summary PDF

Your Personalized Human Design PDF Guide

What you'll get:

  • This summary is over 50 pages all about YOU!
  • A personalized and palatable breakdown of what your unique Human Design bodygraph means.

  • What your Energy Type is and what this means for curating your calendar.

  • What your Strategy & Authority are and how to use them to make decisions.

  • What your  Signature & Not-Self Themes are and how to use them to live with more ease and flow.

  • What your Profile is and what that means about how you may see yourself and how others may see you.

  • Defined and Undefined Centers and how to know when you are in and out of alignment.

  • Gates & Channels- your unique gifts to share with the world.

  • The Environment you function best in and how to harness that at home and at work

  • The full PDF will be emailed to you 7-10 days after purchase from [email protected]